The Children's Board Family Resource Centers Mobile Services component is an outreach effort of the partnership to make child development and health and safety services available throughout Hillsborough County in locations that are not near one of the six Centers.

IMPORTANT: Before you request a Mobile Service you:

  • Must have a minimum of 12 participants for the service.
    Exception: Vision Screening requires at least 25 participants.
    If you do not have the minimum number of participants, we suggest you collaborate with participants of other community agencies.
  • Must be in Hillsborough County.
  • Do not have other funding to support this service.
  • Have identified the need for this service.
  • Requested this service at least 30 days in advance.
  • Services not requested 30 days in advance will not be approved.
  • Understand that special conditions may apply.
  • Understand that services are subject to availability and funding.

Mobile Services Available:

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Once you have met the criteria above and reviewed the description of the service requested, click the button below to complete the request.

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Click here for a St. Joseph's Children's Mobile Health Clinic Schedule

Once you have met the criteria above, simply fill out the information below and move on to the page to select your service.

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