The Children's Board Family Resource Centers have a group of community members called the Family Community Advisory Council (FCAC). The Councils meet once a month to discuss and bring to management's attention any services or programs they feel are needed or wanted in the community. There is also a FCAC Playgroup for your children to attend while you are in the FCAC meeting. If you are interested, please contact the Center you are interested in. Your input drives services for your community.

The North Tampa FCAC meets the First Thursday
of every month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

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Vice President

FCAC Guidelines

  • Officers should be Center participants

  • Use agenda structure developed by Center Manager and FCAC President

  • Community representatives from local agencies can only serve as Treasurer or Recorder

  • Officers can serve up to two years maximum in each position

  • The FCAC is not authorized to fund raise


President's Role:

  • Prepare agenda with Center Manager

  • Lead monthly meeting discussion in a productive manner

  • Communicate directly with Center Manager (business and planning)

  • Participate in community meetings and CBFRC Parntership meetings when able

  • Read suggestion box notes


Vice President's Role:

  • Assist President with tasks agreed upon at FCAC meetings

  • Participate in monthly meetings

  • Lead monthly meeting in absence of the President

  • Recruit members


Recorder's Role:

  • Participate in monthly meetings

  • Take minutes of group discussions including actions to be taken and responsible parties

  • Submit minutes to the President and Center Manager for review using the minutes form

  • Submit final minutes to the CBFRC Director at the Healthy Start Coalition


Treasurer's Role:

  • Prepare budget for activities planned by the FCAC as guided by the monthly theme calendar

  • Submit budgets to the Center Manager who will forward to Provider or CBFRC Director if funds are requested from the Healthy Start Coalition budget

  • Secure community resources to support Center activities with advance permission of the Center Manager

  • Funds must be used to serve Center activites for identified needs in the community

  • Provider must give FCAC's monthly fund balances

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