True Grit

Can you imagine how hard it would be to be a single dad that raised his children and then later in life had to do it all over again?

Well that is exactly what Center member Tim Flanagan is doing. He has four grandchildren, Jaylynn 9, Michael 8, J. J. 4 and Kiki 2 (he is in the process of getting legal custody of Kiki).

Extra Help Goes a Long Way

Carolina Rodriguez has lived in the Ruskin area for over five years and now has a family of her own. One of the CBFRC employees attends the same church as Carolina and always invited her to the Center and kept her informed of events. Carolina and her three children began attending events at the Center.

Coming Home

In 2015, Marisela Gonzalez came to the Children’s Board Family Resource Center in South County seeking activities to do with her young daughter, Sophie. During that time, Sophie benefitted from a developmental screening after which she attended many developmental playgroups for children her age. She enjoyed a happy and healthy childhood while attending CBFRC’s playgroups and events.

A Place to Learn and Grow

Monica Moss moved to the South Shore area in February 2017. With a background in social work, she immediately started looking for resources around the community she could do with her beautiful one year old daughter, Rosa.

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