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Center-Driven Programming

The CBFRC Teams develop, plan and facilitate an array of fun, engaging and educational programs for children and families. 

Arts & Crafts have many benefits for all age groups. It encourages creative expression, boosts fine motor skills, improves decision-making skills and builds confidence. The Center offers a variety of projects that involve paint, innovation, hand-eye coordination and imaginative processes. Arts & Crafts can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Center calendars will indicate specific suggested ages for certain activities -
from little ones, to teens, to adults, to seniors.


Sight Words are commonly used words children are encouraged to memorize by sight without having to sound them out. During this eight-week course, children will be engaged in fun, hands-on activities and taught new words weekly, while caregivers learn techniques and resources to promote learning at home.
Results from pretests and posttests are documented and shared with caregivers.
This class is designed for students in grades K-2nd.

Do you have a child in Kindergarden-2nd Grade who needs support in mathematics? Math Mania is a fun, engaging and educational program developed and facilitated by our CBFRC staff. Offered at all seven locations, your child can practice their addition, subtraction and number recognition skills through creative games and activities that also foster social skills and academic confidence. As caregivers participate with their children, they, too, will learn new skills to continue their child’s learning at home. Pre– and post-tests will be implemented to measure your child’s success. Please call your local Center to sign up.

It is tough being a teenager! Expectations at home, keeping up with schoolwork, peer pressure, the thought of - what's next? The Explorer's Club (for ages 12-15) is an outlet for your teen to meet new people their age and socialize, but also to participate in fun activities that help them build confidence, learn new skills, and boost their self-confidence. We cover topics like coping strategies, time management, basic cooking skills, being responsible with their money, and so much more! Pre– and post-tests will be implemented to measure your child’s success. Please call your local Center to sign up.