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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you provide child care?

The Children's Board Family Resource Centers (CBFRC) are not licensed child care facilities; however, the CBFRC will care for children while their caregivers are attending certain CBFRC classes, such as, Car Seat Safety.

Does the CBFRC charge participants for services?
No, the CBFRC services are at no cost to the participant.

Where do you get funding to support program services?
The main funding source for the CBFRC is the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County. On occasion the Centers may receive grants to provide additional or complementary services.

Does the CBFRC use volunteers?
Yes! Volunteers are welcome. Visit by the Center you wish to volunteer at to receive more information.

How do I sign up for services?
The CBFRC flyers indicate if a service requires registration, just to be sure, call the Center you are interested in participating at before attending.

Does the CBFRC provide financial assistance?
The Centers will refer families with financial needs to the nearest and most appropriate social service agency that will best meet their needs.

How long are CBFRC classes?
Each class is unique. Some are 45 minutes, one hour, or for the day. Some classes run in a series of five while others may just be a one time event. Please check the calendars or call the Center before attending.

Are there eligibility requirements before receiving services?
There are no eligibility requirements, but it is important that we track who receives services. Participants are asked to become a member and basic information is gathered. A membership card is issued for signing in at each visit.

Who does the CBFRC serve?
The CBFRC welcomes everyone in Hillsborough County and serves residents countywide with community-based Centers, and has mobile services available to remote areas of the county.

Can the CBFRC be used for community meetings or other organized groups?
Each Center's space is limited but available to the local neighborhood or non-profit community at no cost. If you are interested, please contact the Center Manager of the desired location.

Don't see your question answered? Please call your local CBFRC and a Staff Member will be happy to assist you!

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