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Center Manager


Intake and Referral Specialist

Mayra was born in the Dominican Republic and emigrated to the United States (New York) as a teenager.

She has been a Florida resident since 2005. She studied Business Administration at Pace University, NY and has vast experience in public relations, as she has worked in International Trade,  Banking and Finance, Tour Operator, Hospitality and Tourism. Mayra is a mom of 3 and grandma of 9.  Although she retired early, she has kept busy helping with the younger grandkids and working part time.  It was precisely while visiting one of the CBFRC, for an activity with a grandchild, that she remembered her original passion - to help those in need.   During her last 2 years in High School, she worked P/T at a Community Resources Agency, connecting Spanish speaking families to public services.  During her Freshman college year, she worked at the New York City Mayor's Office, translating the literature that was distributed to the Hispanic community agencies, within the the five boroughs. ¡Yo hablo español!


Family Specialist

Darrie was born on the Bay Island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras Central America. She moved with her family to the main land of Honduras at the age of 14, where she studied Short hand typing secretary and Bachelor's degree in science and literature. Darrie has been working in the past as a customer service representative for over 16 years. She enjoys helping people and making them feel at home with her warm welcoming smile. She moved to Florida in 2021, and joined the CBFRC team where she is continuing to develop her passion of helping the community.

She is fluent in English and Spanish 


Support Specialist

Andrea grew up in Illinois where she learned the value of community and earned her Bachelor's degree in History. She moved to Florida the summer of 2023 to be closer to family. She's worked in customer service for 13 years and taught elementary school as a substitute teacher for 2 years. She loves working with and helping people. She is currently learning Spanish!

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Family Specialist (Part-Time)



Carson was born in Brandon, Fl but claims Plant City as his true home town. He grew up as the older brother in a single mother household, and was gifted with the adoption of his best friend and sister when he was 12. He has always had a love for thinking outside of the box and would much rather stand out than to fit in. With a passion for helping others and an advocate for promoting positive communities, the Children's Board's mission truly aligns with Carson's values. He has always been great with kids, now he finally feels that he has found an organization that relates to his calling. He has many hobbies and interests. Some include; skateboarding, fishing, making/playing music, and nature. Carson wants to make the world a better place which is why he strives to be the best he can be.

David is an 18-year-old born in Ponce, Puerto Rico who immigrated to the United States at the age of 11. David graduated with one of the highest positions in his class. At the age of 15 began his journey in his first customer service position and as a community activist as well as he develop his passion for helping others while doing two years of community service at Metropolitan Ministries. He is currently working at CBFRC as a Family Specialist where he helps families create a family-friendly environment for the children and it's currently pursuing his MBA to develop a formal career and reach and help as many people as he can.

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