Learn About Our Partners

Children's Board of

Hillsborough County

Children’s Board investments ensure that Children are Healthy and Safe, Children are Developmentally on Track, Children are Ready to Learn and Succeed, and Children have Supported and Supportive Families. The CBHC strives to improve service delivery in partnership with local providers, neighborhoods, residents and community-based organizations while building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to provide children’s services throughout the county.


The CBFRCs are funded by the CBHC.


World Languages


Founded by a full-time educator, parent, and advocate for language learning, ReDefiners is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being a pioneer in the early language education programming in Hillsborough County. The organization is made up of qualified teachers, international student volunteers and business professionals who are passionate about language and cultural education.


ReDefiners offers Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and English classes to children and families at the CBFRCs.

Seniors in Service

Seniors in Service is recognized for its outstanding ability to engage, manage, and mobilize annually more than 700 volunteers aged 55+ in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties, meeting the needs of the underserved in our community through collaboration with more than 150 community partners. 


In addition, an Academic Coordinator and volunteers provide children in kindergarten through third grade out of school time educational literacy activities onsite at the CBFRCs through a program called Readers in Motion.

Tampa Family
Health Centers

Tampa Family Health Centers are strategically located around Hillsborough County. The mission is to provide quality, caring and accessible health care to a culturally diverse community. TFHC promote a holistic system of primary care in an emergency landscape of healthcare innovation.


TFHC brings their Mobile Dental Clinics to the CBFRCs to provide no-cost, quality preventative dental care to individuals.

St. Joseph's Children's Wellness and Safety Center

The St. Joseph's Children’s Wellness and Safety Center provides health and wellness services to children and families throughout Tampa Bay including: Bike and Pedestrian Safety Clinics; Child Passenger Safety Classes; CPR & First Aid Classes; Mobile Medical Clinic; Safe Sitter Classes; School-based Wellness and Nutritional Programs; Teen Talk Classes; The Safety Store; Water Safety Resources; and more.

St. Joseph's Children’s Wellness and Safety Center provides the Health and Safety domain for the Children's Board Family Resource Centers along with Mobile Services.

Preserve Vision Florida

Preserve Vision Florida is a non-profit organization offering 59 years of vision education and services to Florida’s children and adults. The focus is promoting a lifetime of healthy vision care through advocacy, education, screening and research.


PVF provides children's vision screenings at all of the CBFRCs during monthly Mobile Medical Clinics, as well as special screening events


Suncoast Community

Health Centers


Focusing on primary healthcare and general dentistry, Suncoast serves as the medical and dental home of many of the residents and migrant workers and their families living in eastern and southern Hillsborough County. Suncoast currently operates seven clinics and two dental outreach programs, including their state-of -the-art dental coach.


Mobile preventative dental clinics are provided monthly at the CBFRCs.

Success 4 Kids & Families

The Successful Families program provides bilingual, culturally competent, community-based services for children and families in the communities surrounding the East and South Children's Board Family Resource Centers.


S4KF coordinates access to needed services through the Promotoras model, including counseling and parenting support services through the Nurturing Parenting Programs.

Glazer Children's Museum

Quality early learning experiences lead to long-term success in school and life. The Glazer Children’s Museum believes in engaging parents, caregivers and children in playful learning opportunities.


Learn & Play Tampa Bay classes are offered at no cost to you at sites throughout Hillsborough County. Funding for this program is generously provided by Children’s Board of Hillsborough County.

Family Healthcare Foundation

The Family Healthcare Foundation is to be the trusted leader in our community ensuring access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.


The Family Health Care Foundation seeks to maximize health coverage by establishing partnerships with public and private sectors, state and local governments, health care providers and community partners. In this way, the Foundation is able to best leverage resources.

A!SLS Success
Through Learning
& Support

A!SLS Success Through Learning & Support provides quality and accessible math and writing tutoring services to students who test below level in school. From 2nd grade to 8th grade, these professional tutors provide education support during after school hours at the CBFRCs. The tutors also support the caregivers of enrolled students by sharing impactful ways they can support their child's education at home.