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Center Manager

Parisa is Iranian and speaks Farsi, Spanish and English. She has worked in multiple countries with many cultures and societies. Parisa's experience includes: Fifteen years as a teacher, ten years translating, and seven years at Family Resource Organization in Venezuela.
¡Yo hablo español!

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Intake and Referral Specialist

Monica was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she graduated in Social Psychology. She worked in her country in social projects, helping families relocate after their homes were affected by road projects. Working helping people became an important part of his personal and professional development. 
She moved to the United States in February 2022 to have better opportunities for her and her family. Monica likes to travel, take walks in nature, and loves animals, especially cats.

¡Yo hablo español!


Family Specialist

Mayra was born in the Dominican Republic and emigrated to the United States (New York) as a teenager.

She has been a Florida resident since 2005. She studied Business Administration at Pace University, NY and has vast experience in public relations, as she has worked in International Trade,  Banking and Finance, Tour Operator, Hospitality and Tourism. Mayra is a mom of 3 and grandma of 9.  Although she retired early, she has kept busy helping with the younger grandkids and working part time.  It was precisely while visiting one of the CBFRC, for an activity with a grandchild, that she remembered her original passion - to help those in need.   During her last 2 years in High School, she worked P/T at a Community Resources Agency, connecting Spanish speaking families to public services.  During her Freshman college year, she worked at the New York City Mayor's Office, translating the literature that was distributed to the Hispanic community agencies, within the the five boroughs. ¡Yo hablo español!


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Support Specialist

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Family Specialist (Part-Time)

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